Workplace Violence: Nowhere to Hide

Workplace violence is one of the primary causes of all homicide incidents in the U.S., and the devastation after a violent incident in the workplace is costly to persons and the entities exposed to this type of violence. The business impact of workplace violence can result in low employee morale, loss of productivity, worker’s compensation claims, expensive litigation, and permanent damage to a business’s reputation. On average, the annual cost of workplace violence to American businesses is estimated to be over $120 billion.
Workplace violence has the potential to involve gun violence and it is an unfortunate reality that workplace and gun violence is increasingly a problem that commercial business owners must contend with. The safest steps to reduce the risks of violence in the workplace is by recognizing the causes of workplace violence early and taking actions to prohibit all forms of workplace violence before it can escalate. Workplaces can achieve a level of preparedness by ensuring compliance with the law, written policies, employee training, security systems, and action plans. By taking these steps, businesses can reduce the potential of violent incidents in the workplace and implement a safer and more secure workplace environment.
We have included multiple resources that can inform you and your business how to handle violence and active shooters in the workplace. We have also provided an Emergency Action Plan template and guide to help you and your company to be prepared to respond appropriately to incidents of workplace violence.

Workplace Violence
Active Shooter
Emergency Action Plan Template
Emergency Action Plan Guide

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