What Happened at the August ULCC Meeting

At the August 27th 2018 meeting of the Union League Club Entrepreneur Group, we featured a program on the exciting new technology known as blockchain, which allowed attendees a glimpse at how future companies will interact with vendors and clients. The presentation, “Blockclain for your Business”, was lead by BusinessBlocks’s Managing Director, Tom Klein. Tom discussed how Blockchain is the next evolutionary step in the improvement of business interactions, helping to improve customer experience, audibility, transaction time and cost. Blockchain has already helped many businesses with its range of abilities such as balancing bank ledgers to tracking shipping containers. It also provides its users with investment advice and helps them to map out the progress and future of their businesses. Tom explained how through Blockchain businesses are able to expand their horizons while also staying connected to the vendors and especially the customers to ensure good relations. Blockchain is a highly productive way to manage several tasks within a business and accelerate the growth and success of a company.
If you have any questions about BusinessBlock and its programs do not hesitate to get into contact with Tom Klein at tkklein100@gmail.com.

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