New Illinois Law Expands Use of E-mail for Nonprofit Board Business

The Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation Act was amended as of January 1 to provide for communication among directors by e-mail and for the use of electronic elections by nonprofits.

Some of the new provisions are:

1) Any notice required by the Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation Act can now be delivered via e-mail or facsimile.

2) Section 107.10 of the law now allows for electronic elections with ballots sent via e-mail or by any other electronic means as long as the number of board members voting constitutes a quorum.

3) Similarly, Section 107.50 allows for the election of board members by e-mail or other electronic means.

These new provisions should make communications and decision-making faster and easier for nonprofits. Because the law allows the use of e-mail and “any other electronic means” for voting, services like SurveyMonkey can also be used to streamline online voting.

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