New Biometric Data Class Action

As we warned in our blog post of March 11th, 2019 on “The New Perils of Using Electronic Means to Identify Your Workers or Customers”, Highland Baking in Northbrook has been sued for potentially hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in damages in a class action violation of the new biometric privacy laws by a former employee. Highland Baking workers were required to use a hand-scanner to clock in and out of work, without the written consent or release of the employees. Since the January 25th, 2019 Supreme Court ruling that violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Policy Act (‘BIPA”) do not require plaintiffs to prove damages to claim that their biometric data had been illegally collected, a number of BIPA suits have been filed. Click here to read more about the case.

If you should need assistance in complying with the law, please contact us.

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