LYNAM & ASSOCIATES Negotiates Collaboration for Unique Natural Area Preserve

gibbsJuly 9, 2009 – Lynam & Associates, a Chicago-area law firm, announced Tuesday that it has secured the preservation of a unique twenty-nine acre natural area in Lake Barrington, Illinois on behalf of its client, Citizens for Conservation (CFC).  This preservation action is a joint effort negotiated by CFC with the Village of Lake Barrington.

The property, located at the Northwest corner of Route 14 and Cuba Road in Lake Barrington, is currently zoned for manufacturing and was marketed by its owners for both commercial and residential development.  The location of the land has long been considered essential to preserve a “greenbelt” along Flint Creek, a significant local waterway.  The conserved land includes a mature oak savannah and other diverse habitats, making it an ideal candidate for restoration.  It is a critical natural area with floodplains on both sides of the creek and towering oaks on the eastern boundary, and is important both as a natural area and for groundwater recharge in the greater Barrington area.  With the purchase of the land and the long-term restoration and maintenance of the natural areas, CFC will be able to preserve more of the community’s natural areas.

Commenting on the preservation agreement, Village President Kevin Richardson said, “In partnership with CFC, we hope to bring back native plants and habitats to create an environmental jewel in Lake Barrington.” The conservation of this land is another achievement in CFC’s campaign to protect natural areas along Flint Creek, a campaign that began in 1987.

CFC’s general counsel, David Lynam, negotiated the agreement between CFC and the Village so that the property will be preserved in perpetuity as protected land.  “Lynam & Associates is proud to have played a part in this process, and to have worked with both CFC and the Village of Lake Barrington to facilitate the preservation of this beautiful parcel of land,” said David Lynam, Principal at Lynam and Associates.  “It is professionally gratifying to know that this land will still be here in its natural state for generations to come.”

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