Give Your Employees a New Benefit, For Free

With the tightening of budgets it may be difficult to find ways to reward and retain your employees. What if you could provide a group legal service to give those employees an additional benefit, at no additional cost? Lynam & Associates has joined with the Homeowners Club of America (HCA) to offer you, our clients, a great new benefit. Any of our clients can sign up with HCA through our office and receive legal services for its employees for any real estate transaction, at no cost.

How does this program work? This service allows for home sale service providers to bundle their products and so provide them at a lower cost. The result is free or discounted services offered to all of your employees. Legal services are paid for by the HCA.

For employees selling a home, they will receive the services of one of our attorneys and discounted survey and brokers’ services. Legal services are provided without charge. For employees purchasing a home, HCA will provide the same no-cost legal representation if the employees also use HCA’s discounted services, such as surveying, inspections, brokers, lenders, or a home warranty.

If you and your organization are interested, contact our offices for further information.

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