FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Act Now To Prohibit Weapons In Your Workplace

Illinois property owners and businesses need to take action to prevent the threat of concealed guns and weapons into their buildings and workplaces.

Pursuant to the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act, Illinois residents are now applying and receiving concealed carry licenses, which allows them the right to bring loaded handguns into your place of business.  Police, private security, and management are helpless in stopping or removing these individuals from your place of business unless you act. Businesses who wish to prohibit guns on their premises must post clear and specific signage as dictated by the Illinois State Police at building or workplace entrances, as shown here:


The Illinois State Police have proposed allowing larger signs with additional language if the property owner believes the building, premises, or real property requires it.

In addition to the new signage, employers, building managers, and property owners must take action now to make other needed changes. Employee handbooks, workplace procedures, and commercial leases must be changed to regulate these new threats to business safety.

To download a template of the approved sign for use, visit the Illinois State Police website at https://ccl4illinois.com/ccw/Public/Signage.aspx.  Lynam & Associates is making the new State Police  signage available free of charge to their clients.  Contact David Lynam, (312)382-9600.

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