Join us for “How to Stand Out in Selling Yourself” at the Union League Club of Chicago

You are cordially invited to attend the “How to Stand Out in Selling Yourself” luncheon presentation at the Union League Club on Friday, September 13, 2013.

The Entrepreneur Group presents Bill Moller, WGN Radio host, presenting “How to Stand Out in Selling Yourself.” Entrepreneurs must compete every day based on the quality of your communication skills. You battle explicitly against competitors during the sales process, but also more subtly whenever you are interacting with potential clients and customers or speaking in public. You have to convey knowledge, confidence and focus: “I’ve been there: I’ve done that: you can trust me.” Bill Moller, an experienced communications specialist, will help you practice the behaviors and attitudes that help you communicate with a purpose – to engage, to convince and to win. In an engaging and interactive session, Bill will help you see how to leave strong, lasting, positive impressions and how to network more effectively.

The luncheon will begin with an 11:30 am reception followed by the program at noon. The dress code at the Union League Club is business attire.

Click here for the Eventbrite registration.

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